Words Matter

Today, I was part of a group of leaders that spent some time honoring and celebrating someone for a lifetime of achievements. It was a very bittersweet moment. The man we honored is having some pretty severe health issues. He hasn’t been given an expiration date, but his health is not on the positive sideContinue reading “Words Matter”

Fakers unite!

Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it til you make it?” Yeah, we probably all have. Have you ever felt like all you were doing is faking it? Or maybe just making it up as you go? Does that make you feel less than? Like maybe you are an imposter trying to fake itContinue reading “Fakers unite!”

Be kind, rewind!

It’s been a bit since I have let anything post to the blog. There’s a reason for it. For any of you born after 2000, I’m going to use some terms related to a Video Cassette Recorder. That’s a device that plays these things called cassette tapes that were the predecessors to DVD, which proceededContinue reading “Be kind, rewind!”

Unsolicited Advice

Here’s a little unsolicited advice that I recommend you hear. Be very careful the advice you give. I know you probably see the irony there. But I have a very deep rooted reason for this post. If I gave all the examples I have experienced directly or witnessed first hand, it would be about asContinue reading “Unsolicited Advice”

This Means War

One of my favorite things in any action movie is the part where the hero(s) suit up and go into battle. There’s something exciting and cool about it. They are putting on their mechanical exoskeleton or their super powered armor that has weapons or shields built in. It has a cool look, makes them lookContinue reading “This Means War”

Entitlement Syndrome

This isn’t a post about a specific generation. I know that the word entitlement is often associated with millennials. I know first hand why it is. In many cases, there’s a tinge of unfortunate accuracy to the connotation and association. But, I am not talking about blanket judgment of a generation. I’m talking about anyoneContinue reading “Entitlement Syndrome”


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