Definition-You: not all the bad things you think.

A bad moment, a bad day, a bad week… it’s ok. It doesn’t define you. I almost thought about ending the post there. The reality is, that sums up the lesson you need to learn. But I suspect it wouldn’t be as impactful. If you have been super encouraged by the first sentence, great. IfContinue reading “Definition-You: not all the bad things you think.”

How many times will you do it wrong?

I have a love-hate relationship with garage door openers. Specifically the kind that Ford builds into their vehicles. If you own a Ford, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the three buttons that are virtually impossible to program. If you are one of those mavericks that never has problems getting these things to work,Continue reading “How many times will you do it wrong?”

Unsolicited Advice

Here’s a little unsolicited advice that I recommend you hear. Be very careful the advice you give. I know you probably see the irony there. But I have a very deep rooted reason for this post. If I gave all the examples I have experienced directly or witnessed first hand, it would be about asContinue reading “Unsolicited Advice”

Look at me…You are the captain now!

Do you ever feel completely inadequate? No, okay, stop reading. For the rest of us honest people, I’ll continue. That feeling of inadequacy can be rooted in a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s because you’re not trying. Other times it is because you’re overwhelmed and you just don’t have anything left to give. InContinue reading “Look at me…You are the captain now!”

Entitlement Syndrome

This isn’t a post about a specific generation. I know that the word entitlement is often associated with millennials. I know first hand why it is. In many cases, there’s a tinge of unfortunate accuracy to the connotation and association. But, I am not talking about blanket judgment of a generation. I’m talking about anyoneContinue reading “Entitlement Syndrome”