I Think We Missed the Boat

I may be rocking the boat with this one. Heck, I may very well capsize the boat and get myself in some very hot water. I happen to be very passionate about this subject. I also happen to consider myself very lucky (blessed if you want to be super spiritual) that I had the opportunityContinue reading “I Think We Missed the Boat”

Who Cares About the Joneses!

My wife loves chick flicks. She watches the same girly movies over and over and over again. It’s almost like having the Hallmark Movie Channel on our TV all the time. Their movies are all the same six elements just set in different scenes. There’s a baker, wedding planner, party organizer florist. There’s a banker,Continue reading “Who Cares About the Joneses!”

Don’t Miss Out On Your Dreams

When you saw the title of this post, you were probably thinking this might be some sort of super encouraging post about not being stuck where you are and going someplace new. You probably thought it would be about leaving the mundane and going after something exciting. You probably thought I was going to tellContinue reading “Don’t Miss Out On Your Dreams”