Unsolicited Advice

Here’s a little unsolicited advice that I recommend you hear. Be very careful the advice you give. I know you probably see the irony there. But I have a very deep rooted reason for this post. If I gave all the examples I have experienced directly or witnessed first hand, it would be about asContinue reading “Unsolicited Advice”

It’s called a God-Complex

(yes, I know the blog image is of Moses. Actually it’s Charlton Heston playing Moses. It just fit the imagery in my head, besides, do YOU have an actual real-life picture of God?) I like to fix things. It’s true. It’s almost like I seek out areas that need repair and try to get inContinue reading “It’s called a God-Complex”

I Think We Missed the Boat

I may be rocking the boat with this one. Heck, I may very well capsize the boat and get myself in some very hot water. I happen to be very passionate about this subject. I also happen to consider myself very lucky (blessed if you want to be super spiritual) that I had the opportunityContinue reading “I Think We Missed the Boat”