Look at me…You are the captain now!

Do you ever feel completely inadequate? No, okay, stop reading. For the rest of us honest people, I’ll continue. That feeling of inadequacy can be rooted in a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s because you’re not trying. Other times it is because you’re overwhelmed and you just don’t have anything left to give. InContinue reading “Look at me…You are the captain now!”

What have you got to lose?

Sometimes inaction leads to worse things than doing what you know is right. Sometimes doing the right thing feels like it would put you in grave danger. I would be remiss if I didn’t say this towards the front of this post. There IS a scriptural directive for all of us that profess faith inContinue reading “What have you got to lose?”

What’s your story?

I can still remember all the details about that day. It was war. The air raid sirens were going off. Buildings all around laid in disrepair. Bricks and windows smashed. Fires were smoldering in the ruins of what was a beautiful old city. Bombs were still falling from time to time, breaking the moments ofContinue reading “What’s your story?”

Lessons from Bad Leaders

Even bad leaders can teach you something. I could stop there, but I don’t know if it would sink in. It’s very easy to think that you don’t have to listen to someone if you are rooted in your thought that someone is a bad leader. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. From a biblical perspective,Continue reading “Lessons from Bad Leaders”